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Changements dans la convention de nommage de Ovid MEDLINE

Le fournisseur Ovid indique des changements dans la convention de nommage de les différentes bases de données Ovid MEDLINE. Voir le communiqué à cet effet (en anglais):



Changes to Ovid MEDLINE naming

Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer:


It has been brought to our attention there were inconsistencies in our Ovid MEDLINE naming. Therefore we decided on a slightly different naming convention, that also shortens the long Ovid MEDLINE labels. Secondly some labels had a static end-date like <xxxx to Present> or <xxxx to Daily Update>. We also changed those labels to reflect the actual database update dates. Please note these are just changes to the naming, there are no changes to the content. The changes do not affect results of your Saved Searches or AutoAlerts.

We would also like to remind all customers that database listings on Ovid are fully customizable. There are over 40 combinations of Ovid MEDLINE that may appear in a database list. While all of them remain available, we do recommend to keep things simple for your users, and only show the all-encompassing “Ovid MEDLINE(R) ALL <1946 to July 3, 2018>” database that is on par with PubMed in terms of coverage. The “ALL” database contains all possible components of Ovid MEDLINE. Should any new components be introduced for Ovid MEDLINE, they will be automatically added to “Ovid MEDLINE(R) ALL”.

Changements dans la connectivité des ressources Ovid

Le fournisseur Ovid indique des changements dans la connectivité de ses ressources. Voir le communiqué à cet effet (en anglais):

Lien vers la page d’assistance technique du fournisseur Ovid


Firewall and Proxy Changes required for uninterrupted Ovid access - Reminder #2


Dear Ovid Customer:


Please see below for a list of URLs that must be enabled in your proxy servers or firewalls. We present two options, but you must implement one of these by January 1, 2018 to ensure uninterrupted access. Please forward this information to your network administrators as needed.

Important: both options below list new URLs that require your attention. We encourage you to review this list (http://www.ovid.com/site/support/tech_support.jsp#tabs6) now and periodically to ensure you've accounted for all the necessary URLs.


Option 1 (Recommended): Add exceptions for the URLs below using wildcards.

Please add exceptions for the following URLs using wildcards to your proxy servers or firewalls:



Liste détaillée des titres de périodiques

Pour faciliter la mise à jour des états de collection, voici la dernière liste des périodiques de la collection Total Access Collection 2017 en format Excel (.xlsx).

Liste des périodiques

EMBASE : Mise à jour et changements dans Emtree

Le fournisseur Ovid indique quelques changements dans EMBASE et Medline. Voir les communiqués à cet effet (en anglais) :

What new terms have been added in the latest Emtree release ?


Ovid Embase audit of MEDLINE records

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

The volume of citation results in Embase (EMED) on Ovid may increase during the audit of MEDLINE records.

This message announces the delivery of extra MEDLINE content for Embase between April 1stand June 15th, 2017. Elsevier has started their annual audit of the MEDLINE records in Embase, focusing on any gaps in their MEDLINE coverage.

Any MEDLINE backfill will be added to Embase between April 1st and June 15th. Approximately 200,000 records that are currently unique to MEDLINE will be added.

While this is good news in the long run, during the 10 weeks designated for backfill, the volume of alerts may increase by up to 40%. It is important to be prepared for this temporarily higher volume, but rest assured that this is a temporary situation.

All MEDLINE content that can be matched with an existing Embase record will be reflected as an update to the Embase record with a PMID. This will not result in any increase in the volume of alerts.

Customer Support is available if you have any questions at support@ovid.com, and we are eager to provide additional training and assistance as needed.  


Wolters Kluwer - Ovid

Ovid 3.24 dès le 14 février 2017

Ovid 3.24: Une plateforme améliorée dès le 14 février prochain.

Vous pouvez cliquer ici pour vous familiariser avec cette nouvelle version (lien au communiqué du fournisseur en anglais)


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